REFOCUS was founded in 2010 to specialise in providing services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities.

Our main focus is our children and ensuring that they and their parents receive needed services to assist in creating resilient, safe and happy environments.

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Visions & Values

Our Vision

To be a self-sustaining organisation recognised for quality and culturally unique service delivery

Our Principles

Remain Neutral to Spirituality

Every individual has their belief of how we got here or why we exist. Our service aims to be respectful of one’s beliefs and don’t enforce or expect others to practice or conform to our individual belief structures e.g. God, Buddha, Karma, Mother Nature, Atheist, Dreamtime and so on. REFOCUS encourages genuine open discussion about individual beliefs and also encourage staff to be mindful of others. This allows for a open, professional and respectful team environment.

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